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Food Supplement Health Claims

Which? have published a controversial article today (Thursday 22nd August 2013) condemning certain branded food supplement products for over - claiming in contravention of the recently implemented EU Health Claims legislation and have reported that the branded products within the article are misleading the consumers.

We would wish to point out that Innopharma are committed  to complying with all EU legislation and take great care to ensure our products  are appropriately labelled ensuring our customers are not mislead in anyway by  any of the claims made in relation to the benefits of our products.  None of the  products named in the Which? report or the resulting media coverage today are  manufactured or supplied by Principle Healthcare Group. We have stringent  guidelines that we follow to ensure that only approved and validated health  claims are stated on our products and these claims are added to the pack in a  responsible format designed to provide customers with credible, accurate and  understandable product information.

We are not in agreement with some of the findings of report as many of the  products named are proven to have health benefits and the claims for many of the  ingredients have in fact received approval through the Health Claims system  following scientific substantiation of the claims.

Last updated: 23-08-2013