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Multivitamins could reduce the risk of cancer

According to a recent study in US, men taking a daily multivitamin supplement can reduce the risk of cancer.

The study was carried out on 15,000 male physicians aged 50 and over. Some were given the multivitamin supplement and the others a placebo. The study was carried out over 11 years and the results show that men taking the multivitamin had an 8% reduction in developing cancer.

The study cannot identify a single vitamin or combination that works, but claim that the benefit comes from a broad combination of low dose vitamins.

Howard Sesso US research explains “Many studies have suggested that eating a nutritious diet may reduce a man’s risk of developing cancer” he also continues to say “Now we know that taking a daily multivitamin, in addition to addressing vitamin and mineral deficiencies, may also be considered in the prevention of cancer in middle-aged and older men.”

Last updated: 18-10-2012