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Multivitamins Help Top Up Recommended Intake of Nutrients

Dr Carrie Ruxton from the Heath Supplement Information Service says “Multivitamin supplements contain a variety of essential vitamins and minerals which help those with less healthy or irregular diets to meet recommended intakes of nutrients, thus ensuring the maintenance of normal health and wellbeing”.

She went on to say that “as there is no credible biological reason why normal supplement use should impact of mortality, it is likely these findings represent an effect of age and ill-health rather than supplement use”, concluding that “the findings should be treated with extreme caution given the poor methodology and lack of reliable information about the health of participants, or the type of diets consumed.”

Data from the UK National Diet and Nutrition Survey titled “Towards a Healthier Britain” found that many people, especially women and the elderly, are not nourished enough through diet alone especially when it comes to Iron for brain function, Calcium and Magnesium for bone health and Zinc for the immune system.

Last updated: 13-10-2011