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Innopharma wins award!

Innopharma wins Own Label Supplier Of The Year Award - July 2009. Innopharma attended the Health & Beauty Awards Gala dinner, held in London on July 1st. We are delighted to announce that Innopharma won the prestigious 'Own Label Supplier of the Year Award', presented by Ashley Hicks, Health & Beauty Category Director.

This is especially significant as Innopharma is a relatively new supplier to us, only starting in September 2008. Ashley commented that Innopharma sro had exceeded the expectations of a new supplier and praised the focus, help, flexibility, service, initiative and quality standards provided.

The team at Innopharma, led by Pal Lang , Executive Director, are delighted with this award, which helps to recognise the amount of work put in over the last 12 months and sets a standard we are proud of and determined to maintain.

Last updated: 11-05-2010